Virginia Car Accident Lawyers

Virginia Car Accident Lawyers

Car Accidents Basic Moments

Car accidents are unfortunately not uncommon these days. They bring loss of property, injury, and even death into our lives. Not everyone has the ability, strength, or ability to confidently overcome the consequences of car accidents. It is not at all necessary to do this yourself and it is best to seek help from specialists. Virginia car accident lawyers will be your guide throughout the entire process of settling your car accident case.

Car accident statistics

According to the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), there were 122,434 accidents in Virginia in 2022:

  • Fatal – 942
  • Injury – 37,550
  • Property Damage – 83,942

Persons Killed:

  • Drivers – 685
  • Passengers – 149
  • Pedestrians – 171

Persons Injured:

  • Drivers – 47,137
  • Passengers – 10,877
  • Pedestrians – 1,390

Persons Seriously Injured:

  • Drivers – 5,417
  • Passengers – 1,270
  • Pedestrians – 450

Factors and Causes of Car Accidents in Virginia

If we look again at the 2022 DMV report, we can see the most common factors and causes of accidents.

Distracted Driving20,6799511,933
Driver ActionDrivers
Improper Lane Change9,103
Avoiding Other Vehicle2,243
Avoiding Pedestrian88
Failure to Yield17,160
Following Too Close24,633
Hit and Run5,517
Illegal or Improper Parking358
Improper Backing907
Improper Turn3,686
Left of Center – Not Passing1,466
Lights Not On99
Improper Passing1,568
Ran Traffic Control7,501
Speed Too Fast5,169

Car Accidents Lead to These Injuries

Car accidents are one of the common sources of injury. In a road accident, injuries can vary in type and complexity. Still, a generalized list can be compiled:

back and spine injuries
traumatic brain injuries
internal organ injuries
rib fractures
limb amputation
knee injuries
limb fractures
pinched nerves

Types of Car Accident Cases Most Frequently Handled by Lawyers in Virginia

Virginia car accident lawyers see different types of cases. Based on information provided in the 2022 DMV report, cases can be classified by the type of vehicle involved in the accident:

 FatalInjuryProperty Damage
Passenger Vehicle Crashes85235,84881,611
CMV Crashes1162,0003,548
Large Truck Crashes608442,077
Motorcycle Crashes1131,573367
Bus Crashes3158325
Bicycle Crashes1152935
Moped Crashes822130
School Bus Crashes2143377

Importance of Hiring Virginia Car Accident Lawyers

Virginia is a fault state and its negligence law allows accident victims to sue for compensation only if they were not at fault for the accident. If a party is at least 1 percent at fault, then it cannot receive compensation. This increases the importance of hiring a lawyer to achieve a positive outcome.

The process of investigating an accident and collecting evidence is very important in the work of Virginia car accident lawyers. It is necessary to thoroughly investigate the accident, identify the true cause, and collect significant evidence of the client’s innocence. A lawyer may seek help from accident reconstruction specialists, review police reports and witness statements, and review surveillance footage, if available.

In negotiations with the insurance company, the lawyer will seek fair compensation. A large number of car accident cases are successfully resolved during the negotiation phase. Having strong arguments in hand, car accident lawyers in Virginia can count on a positive result of the negotiations. This is why the preparation stage of the case is so important.

If the case goes to court for any reason, the lawyer’s task will be to convince the jury of the client’s innocence and his right to adequate compensation. The collection of evidence collected and the lawyer’s ability to persuade will lead to victory and the award of compensation.

What Qualifications Should a Car Accident Lawyer Meet?

Analytical thinking
In the process of investigating an accident and collecting evidence, it is necessary not only to find various evidence but also the ability to understand its benefit or harm. Only evidence that strengthens the client’s position should be used. The same applies to the cause of the accident. Essentially similar accidents may have nuances, and here the lawyer’s task is to identify the nuances that tip the scales in favor of the client.

Oratorical skills
Good Virginia car accident lawyers must have persuasive abilities. This helps during negotiations with the insurance company and can be especially useful in court. In situations where there is not enough strong evidence or the situation looks ambiguous, the lawyer can convince the jury that he is right which can play a key role and achieving victory for the client.

Experienced car accident lawyers in Virginia must be able to empathize with his client and understand his suffering and need for protection. It is by feeling the client’s condition that a good lawyer will be able to convey these feelings to the jury and win them over to his side.

Where Can I Find the Best Virginia Car Accident Lawyers?

There are many ways to find car accident lawyers in Virginia. You can use one of them and immediately select a good lawyer, or you can use a combination of the presented approaches. In any case, you can find a suitable lawyer using the following search options:

social networks: in specialized groups and forums you can get recommendations for good Virginia car accident lawyers

online directories: there are specialized directories like Super Lawyers or Avvo, where you can choose car accident lawyers in Virginia

personal recommendations: friends, colleagues, or relatives can recommend their trusted car accident lawyers

local law firms: visit local law firm websites and look at their lawyers’ reputations and client reviews

Virginia State Bar: contact their referral service and they can help you find qualified car accident lawyers in Virginia.

initial consultations: attend initial consultations, which most lawyers provide free of charge, discuss your case, and take a closer look at the lawyers.

If I Got into a Car Accident

No two car accidents are the same. Therefore, it is impossible to prepare for them; everything will depend on the presence and extent of injuries. But in general, you can give a list of useful actions:

  • seek medical help
  • help others get medical care
  • go to a safe place
  • call the police to the scene of the accident
  • report the incident to your insurance company
  • exchange information with other participants in the accident
  • save witness contacts
  • collect all possible information about the accident
  • consult a car accident lawyer for advice.

What Can I Do Wrong After a Car Accident?

When you are stressed after a car accident, you may take actions that will cause harm in the future. Such actions may include:

Guilty plea
Do not admit fault when dealing with the police, insurance company, or others involved in the accident. Anything you say can be used against you in the future.

Rapid Settlement Agreement
Consult Virginia car accident lawyer. He will be able to assess the prospects and level of possible compensation. Based on this data, you can agree or disagree to a quick settlement.

Discussion of road accidents on social networks
Do not post materials from your case, and do not participate in the discussion of the accident. All statements, assessments, and other points can be used by the other side to worsen your position.

Compensation Possible as a Result of a Car Accident

In Virginia, compensation can be obtained for economic and non-economic damages:

  • material damage
  • medical expenses
  • lost wages
  • rehabilitation cost
  • loss of quality of life
  • pain and suffering
  • loss of consortium.

In addition to economic and non-economic damages, Virginia law defines a third type of damage – punitive damages. This type of damage is only applied as punishment for the guilty party and only in certain cases.

You Can Avoid a Car Accident Following Simple Recommendations

Follow the traffic rules: do not exceed the speed limit, and do not ignore traffic lights.

Eliminate distractions when driving: do not use your phone, do not text, and do not eat or drink.

Do not drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs: use a taxi or public transport.

Do not use an aggressive driving style: maintain a safe distance, and do not brake suddenly.

Adapt to weather conditions: reduce speed, and increase distance when weather conditions worsen.

Use only a serviceable car: undergo maintenance on time, and always check the tires and brakes before driving.


What is the statute of limitations in Virginia?

In Virginia, the statute of limitations is two years from the date of the incident.

Is it possible to negotiate with an insurance company without a lawyer?

Yes. However, this is not recommended because the insurance company seeks to underestimate the level of compensation. A car accident lawyer in Virginia can help estimate the value of your case.

What should I do if I can’t afford to hire a car accident lawyer?

Most car accident lawyers in Virginia only get paid after winning the case. The fee is a percentage of the amount of compensation received. If they lose the case, they won’t get a penny.