South Carolina Car Accident Lawyers

South Carolina Car Accident Lawyers

Understanding Car Accidents

Car accidents have become common in South Carolina. However, they remained traumatic and sad events. Having been injured or crashed a car, you want to recover as quickly as possible and return to your normal life. However, the process of overcoming the consequences of an accident may not always be quick and smooth. Let the South Carolina car accident lawyers handle your case. They will handle the legal issues involved in settling your car accident case and seek fair compensation for you.

Car Accident Statistics

According to information from the South Carolina Department of Public Safety for 2021, there were 147,724 accidents in South Carolina:

  • Fatal – 1,112
  • Serious Injury – 2,392
  • Other Injury – 34,068
  • Property Damage Only – 110,152.

Unfortunately, the following were injured in these accidents:

  • Killed – 1,198
  • Seriously Injured – 2,975
  • Other Injuries – 50,621.

Factors and Causes of Car Accidents in South Carolina

Specialists from the South Carolina Department of Public Safety have carried out extensive work to identify various factors and causes of car accidents. Here is the data on the most common factors of road accidents for 2021:

CONTRIBUTING FACTORFatal CollisionInjury CollisionProperty Damage OnlyKilledSeriously InjuredOther Injuries
Driving Too Fast for Conditions2659,82429,50628467613,146
Driver Under Influence2332,4222,7222674013,123
Failed To Yield Right of Way1248,97820,17212955813,827
Lying &/Or Illegally In Roadway88229149065184
Wrong Side/Wrong Way658201,349751721,314
Disregarded Signs/Signals/Etc.402,7774,352472304,433
Aggressive Operation of Vehicle3651489140120707
Improper Crossing3317443347142
Exceeded Authorized Speed Limit321651743551213
Ran Off Road285221,2062860559

We also present the 10 most common causes of serious accidents for 2021:

ManeuverFatal CollisionSerious Injury CollisionOther Injury Collision
Movement Essentially Straight Ahead1,2572,57236,599
Leaving Traffic Lane1432552,166
Turning Left1294077,178
Slowing Or Stopped In Traffic8828811,374
Entering/Crossing Location5560249
Entering Traffic Lane431582,310
Changing Lanes25751,392

Recent Injuries in Car Accidents

Car accidents often result in injuries. The types and nature of injuries are very diverse. Here are the most common ones:

  • whiplash
  • bone fractures
  • traumatic brain injuries
  • back and spine injuries
  • lacerations
  • knee injuries
  • limb amputation
  • rib fractures
  • burns.

Popular Cases Among Car Accident Lawyers in South Carolina

South Carolina car accident lawyers face many different types of cases. But there are the most common ones. They can be distinguished by the culprits of the accident. The 2021 South Carolina Department of Public Safety report will help us with this:

Unit TypeInvolved In
Fatal CollisionSerious Injury CollisionOther Injury Collision
Pickup Truck2926209,618
Truck Tractor961141,233
Other Truck4251638
Full Size Van3042869
Mini Van38901,660
Other Motorbike27102353

What Do South Carolina Car Accident Lawyers

South Carolina is a fault state, that uses the principle of comparative negligence. This means that a party involved in an accident can file a claim for compensation if their degree of fault is less than 51%. In this case, compensation will be reduced by his percentage of fault.

The first step in handling a car accident case is very important in the work of South Carolina lawyers. It is necessary to thoroughly investigate the accident, identify the causes and degree of guilt of each party, and collect evidence. It is also necessary to prepare all medical reports and expert opinions. A well-drafted claim, supported by evidence and expert opinions, can be a good basis for winning the case.

The stage of negotiations with the insurance company can be decisive in the process of settling a case of an accident. A car accident lawyer in South Carolina needs to convince the insurance company during the negotiation phase that the claims are fair. Many cases reach a successful settlement at this stage. This allows you to receive compensation faster.

Some cases still end up in court. Here the lawyer will have to apply all his knowledge of local laws. It is necessary to build a line of defense based on the evidence collected. Good South Carolina car accident lawyers usually have extensive positive experience representing their clients in court.

Basic Requirements for Car Accident Lawyers

Handling car accident cases requires many skills. A lawyer must be able to investigate accidents, identify the true causes, and the degree of guilt, and collect the necessary evidence. Involve the necessary specialists in the investigation, for example in accident reconstruction. A good South Carolina car accident lawyer improves his communication skills. Negotiating with an insurance company and persuading a jury requires skill. Each time a lawyer goes through the stages of a case, he complements and enriches his experience. Experience, in turn, helps you work more efficiently on each subsequent task.


Car accident lawyers in South Carolina should specialize in personal injury law. Calculating the cost of car repairs is much easier than calculating damages from injuries. A lawyer’s specialization in personal injury law helps him determine and prove the dependence of injuries on an accident, the degree of influence of injuries, and their consequences. And also assess the fair level of compensation for clients for their injuries.

Customer Focus
An experienced South Carolina car accident lawyers always listens to the needs of the client. The lawyer needs to maintain a dialogue with the client throughout the settlement process. This will help to understand the client’s expectations and relate them to the requirements of the claim. This is a mutually beneficial exchange, the client can get what he hoped for as a result of winning, and the lawyer can get a satisfied client and positive feedback.

Tips for Finding South Carolina Car Accident Lawyers

Recommendations: check with your relatives, friends, or acquaintances, perhaps someone has been in the same situation and can recommend a car accident lawyer in South Carolina.

Social Media: Visit various legal groups and forums on social media. Perhaps there you can find suitable South Carolina car accident lawyers or recommendations.

Local Law Firms: Find local law firm websites. They usually publish information about the experience and achievements of car accident lawyers in South Carolina. It will also be helpful to look at the fee structure and reviews from previous clients.

Bar Association: Request the South Carolina Bar Association. They probably have a directory of lawyers in your area.

Local media: pay attention to local publications, banners, and advertising on transport. Often South Carolina car accident lawyers and law firms advertise there. Call and schedule a free consultation.

Consultations: attend initial consultations with previously selected lawyers. As a result of communicating with car accident lawyers in South Carolina, you will be able to understand the prospects of your case and evaluate whether a lawyer is right for you or not.

What Should I Do After a Car Accident

Check all parties involved in the accident for injuries. Anyone who is injured or feels unwell should seek medical help.

Move to a safe place. Mark the location of the accident using hazard lights on your vehicles. This will help avoid other accidents.

Call the police at the scene of the accident. Get an accident report from them. It can serve as a basis for identifying the causes of the accident and the degree of fault of each party.

Notify your insurance company of the accident.

Save all possible information about the accident. Take photos of damaged cars, write down contacts of witnesses and information about other participants in the accident.

Consult a car accident lawyer. He will be able to advise on actions that still need to be taken.

What Not to Do After a Car Accident

Agree to a quick settlement. Very often, insurance companies take advantage of a person’s stressful state after an accident and offer a quick settlement. But there may be a catch here. Insurance companies look out for their interests, so they may offer low levels of compensation. Don’t settle for a quick settlement until you consult with South Carolina car accident lawyers.

To admit guilt. Try not to admit fault in any way after a car accident. Tell the police, insurance company, and others involved in the accident only the facts. Do not give any assessments of your actions and generally avoid the topic of guilt in communication.

Discuss the accident on social networks. Do not post any materials related to your accident on social networks. Do not participate in any discussions on this topic. Everything written can be used against you.

Car Accident Compensations

In South Carolina, you can claim compensation for economic and non-economic damages.
Economic damage can be confirmed by various invoices, receipts, and calculations. Economic damage usually includes:

  • repair or replacement of a damaged vehicle
  • medical bills
  • future rehabilitation costs
  • lost wages.

Non-economic damage is more difficult to calculate:

  • pain and suffering
  • mutilations and scars
  • loss of consortium.

You Can Avoid a Car Accident Following Simple Recommendations

Follow traffic rules.

Do not drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Keep a safe distance.

Pay full attention to the road situation and avoid distractions.

Keep your car in good condition.

Avoid aggressive driving.

Consider weather conditions.

Plan your route.


What is your auto insurance coverage in South Carolina?

Drivers must have auto insurance coverage in amounts of at least: $25,000 in bodily injury per person, $50,000 in bodily injury per accident, and $25,000 in property damage.

How long do you have to file a claim after an accident in South Carolina?

The statute of limitations for a car accident in South Carolina is three years from the date of the accident.

What if I can’t afford a lawyer?

Most car accident lawyers in South Carolina work on a contingency fee basis. The lawyer’s fee will be a percentage of the settlement amount.